Barbados Animal Sanctuary

Posted on December 18, 2019
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Paradise Rentals is proud to support Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary in their work caring for abandoned dogs and cats in Barbados.

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary

There are way too many dogs and cats living unloved and unhappy lives, kept in poor conditions or homeless and hungry.  The aim of Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary is to help these animals by providing shelter and care and rehabilitation.  Ocean Acres Sanctuary provides a place of safety and kindness for these often damaged and traumatised animals, where they quickly learn to love and trust and enjoy life; simple pleasures which some have never experienced.  Also, to educate and support adults and children in relation to the care and responsibility of looking after animals, and as part of that, to encourage a vital spay and neuter programme throughout Barbados in association with other charities. 

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary support spay and neuter

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary is a Not For Profit organisation, newly founded in 2020.  They operate with absolute transparency and every penny raised goes towards caring for the animals.  These animals can’t speak for themselves but Paradise Rentals is happy to fly the flag on their behalf.  Please consider joining us in supporting them.  There are many ways you can help, and help is always needed.

Donations can be made through their GoFundMe page.

Like and follow the Facebook page and follow Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary on Instagram.

If you’re coming on holiday and you would like some serious canine cuddles or a feline fix, then pay the sanctuary a visit.  They are a friendly bunch and there are some seriously gorgeous dogs and cats, along with four and a half acres of beautiful east coast countryside to enjoy.  Take the opportunity to get some exercise and fresh country air and join in with the dog walks.

There is always work to be done so if you have any particular skills, why not offer your services; for example: gardening, carpentry, lawn mowing, painting.  If you have specialist skills, for instance if you’re a vet, a dog trainer or perhaps a dog groomer, then maybe you could help?  Just contact Ocean Acres to make arrangements.  There will be lots of very grateful, wagging tails.  Photos and selfies are always encouraged, there are some posing pooches, and superstar cats.  If you take along some treats or a bag of food, that would be even better.  You can even take a picnic for yourself. You can usually buy delicious locally grown fruit (bananas, papaya, avocado) just outside the Sanctuary, availability is dependent on seasonal produce.

Cat on a branch at Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is located on the East Coast of Barbados in the parish of St John.  There is some amazing scenery and jaw dropping views to experience.  St Martins Bay is close by.  If you like to go horse riding, then Ocean Echo stables are our very close neighbours.  Barbados has so much to offer, and while you are here enjoying it all, why not take the opportunity to give something back and help make a difference.  Take a little time away from your sunbed, step away from the pool for just a few hours and make a connection with something truly real and important that needs you.  As the saying goes:

“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

We are hands on with our support and Paradise Rentals staff regularly volunteer so I hope to see you at Ocean Acres Sanctuary in the sunshine!