Eco Holiday Property Management

Posted on August 24, 2019
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A happy eco holiday leaves the smallest carbon footprint.  Like you, we prefer to tread lightly on the planet, taking as little as possible and minimising our impact.

Eco footprint happy holiday

For decades, environmentally conscious travellers have urged us all to “take only pictures; leave only footprints”. While this is a great start, it’s now time to act, and here at Paradise Rentals we are doing just that.  We are applying a broad brush, holistic approach to environmental protection, in all our endeavours.

Housekeeper at Barbados apartment

In our managed properties in Barbados, we do everything we can to operate in an eco-friendly way.  This starts at the top of the organisation, inspired and led by myself, the owner and managing director.  Environmental awareness and responsibility are important to me, and as such have become part and parcel of our business ethos.  I make sure this is shared by all our housekeepers as well as our partners and suppliers.

Most of the properties available for rental have water heated by solar power.  Some have photovoltaic electricity systems.  All of the tap water is safe to drink and we provide water filters – please avoid plastic bottled water.

un happy about Plastic bottle on an eco beach holiday

I’m proud to say that Barbados is working towards the elimination of single-use plastics and Paradise Rentals has achieved this already.  All of our managed properties are cleaned and maintained using eco-friendly products.  We use beautifully scented laundry detergent and cleaning supplies from a favourite supplier: Body Restoration, in Holetown.  We never use ‘wipes’, so we won’t be contributing to any sewage blockages or ‘fatbergs’!  We ask that you also respect our sewage and plumbing systems, which may not be as robust as you are accustomed to.  Please don’t flush anything inappropriate down the toilet!

To provide a familiar home-from-home experience to environmentally aware travellers, Paradise Rentals offers only organic soap.  Throughout your property, you’ll find only eco-friendly home fragrances and diffuser oils sourced from another of our favourite stockists: Pure Source (in the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre at Holetown).  One of our favourite eco fragrances is ‘make you happy’ by Neom – which is of course what we aim to do!

Pure Source Barbados

All of the Paradise Rentals housekeepers and general staff receive regular training on issues of environmental protection.  In addition, Paradise Rentals operates a recycling scheme, collecting bottles, cans, glass and compostable paper.  In the office, the admin team uses and reuses recycled paper, avoids window envelopes (plastic), and even makes notebooks from scrap paper.  We also have a compost programme.

happy to recycle on an eco holiday

When it comes to maintenance, Paradise Rentals is introducing a bio-degradable surface cleaner for stone and outside surfaces, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that damage the environment or electric jet washers that waste precious water.  We also use only eco-friendly paint by Benjamin Moore and a wall covering called Lotusan, that repels mould and moisture.

For effective pest control – an inevitable aspect of life in the tropics – we use only environmentally friendly products supplied by Mosquito Kong and Victor Vector as they are not harmful to humans, birds and other mammals.  If a treatment is scheduled during your stay, you need not be concerned.

Happy pest control technician treating an eco holiday home

We really want you to enjoy our island, its culture and diversity.  To that end we are always happy to provide information about eco friendly holiday trips, outdoor pursuits, and our favourite shops and suppliers.  Making sure that the only things you take away from your happy eco holiday in Barbados are wonderful memories and locally crafted souvenirs!

Happy Family with arms in the air in the sea as sun sets on an eco holiday