Enjoy An Environmentally Friendly Holiday in Barbados

Posted on August 24, 2019
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An environmentally friendly Barbados holiday is easier than you might think.  You can offset some of that carbon footprint with savvy tips and local knowledge, that Paradise Rentals is more than happy to provide. 

Young girl holding a coconut

We know that a big part of your Barbados holiday is the sun, sea and sand!  But, before you hit the beach, please consider our delicate ocean environment. We enthusiastically encourage our guests to choose reef-friendly sunscreen.  I can recommend ‘Ocean Potion’, readily available locally from Massy and Cave Shepherd Stores.  It’s paraben free, SPF 15 to 70, and very pleasant to use.  If you book your Barbados holiday with Paradise Rentals, we will always send you relevant environmentally friendly information before you travel. Don’t forget, we’re available to pre-stock your bathroom shelves as well as your kitchen cupboards – check out our concierge services.

Reef freindly sunscreen

A special thing to do in Barbados is to get up close and personal with our amazing sea turtles.  There is nothing quite like swimming in close proximity to these astonishing creatures.  Paradise Rentals provide information and education to our guests on conserving our precious sea turtle population.  We explain what to do if you encounter a female turtle laying eggs or baby turtles hatching and scuttling down to the water’s edge.  On my morning walks I often report turtle activity to the Barbados Sea Turtle Hotline.  You can do this too if the occasion arises.  If you get the opportunity to attend a hatchling release organised by the Barbados Sea Turtle Project – don’t miss it!

People watching release of baby hatchling turtles to the sea

Heading out to the shops?  Then please take some of our reusable shopping bags with you.  You’ll find them in all our managed properties.  For some ethical shopping take advantage of the great farmers markets where you’ll find lots of delicious organic produce and artisan crafts.  For early risers (6am start!) Brighton market on Saturdays is a must.  If you prefer to rise and shine at a more leisurely hour, then Holders market might be the one for you.  At Holders you will find our friend Nadia with a wonderful selection of prepared foods to enjoy, rotis are a specialty.  You can contact Nadia and order ahead to avoid disappointment.

Holders Farmers Market Barbados environmentally friendly holidays

We will also send you a link to the Barbados Slow Food Guide, which will give you a catalogue of suppliers of authentic and artisan produce.  If, like me, eating is one of your favourite things, you are sure to delight at the wonderful local produce available.  We regularly post on our Facebook page the fruit and vegetables that are in season.  For all the serious foodies out there, we’ll keep you abreast of upcoming Food Festivals and tasting opportunities.  You can order organic vegetables to be delivered to your door (Saturday delivery), just WhatsApp Yoshia Harrow on 1 (246) 8229972 to place your order.  If you’re not vegan or vegetarian you will surely want to sample our freshly caught fish, but please check out the sustainable fishing list before you buy your dinner!  It’s important to make the right choices, it will taste so much better if your conscience is clear!

environmentally friendly Barbados holiday sustainable fish chart

If you’re planning a day out, we encourage visits to eco-tourism sites including PEG Farm and Walkers Reserve.  At PEG farm you can enjoy freshly cooked food in their delightful café and purchase produce from the farm shop.  If you’d like to visit the Barbados contribution towards The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy , then head for Turners Woods, an area of indigenous forest to be preserved in perpetuity marking Her Majesty’s lifetime of service to the Commonwealth.

Queens Commonwealth Canopy Barbados

Contact us to find out more about activities in Barbados that will bring you close to nature, above and below sea level.  There’s much to choose from: hiking, mountain biking, free diving, scuba diving to name just a few.  Your Barbados holiday can be so much more rewarding and fulfilling when you travel with an environmentally friendly perspective – and just as indulgent!

Blue bowls and plates on dining table by the sea

If you would like to give back during your eco holiday, why not join a litter clean-up?  You can find out more details from The Future Centre Trust. Clean-ups take place on a regular basis in nearby village locations, so it’s also an opportunity to experience real Barbadian life and meet some friendly locals in a relaxed, informal setting.

Environmentally friendly Barbados holiday litter pick up

We very much look forward to welcoming you on a happy and truly memorable eco holiday, that really won’t cost the Earth.

Friendly couple Environmentally walking on Barbados holiday