Barbados Holiday Eco Tours

Posted on August 27, 2017
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Barbados Holiday Eco tours might not be the first thing you think of when you are coming on holiday.  However, I am often asked about things to see and do in Barbados.  Of course, there are the wonderful beaches, the fabulous dining and great nightlife.  As tempting as those options are, I also think it’s great to tear yourself away from the beach just for a while and get off the beaten track to see the whole of Barbados, in all its glory.  You might be surprised just what you find, especially for nature lovers, conservationists, and anyone interested in history and heritage.  There’s lots going on.  I highly recommend a trip to PEG Farm and Nature Reserve in the parish of St Joseph, on the East of the island – a fabulous bio dynamic farm offering holiday eco-tours for all the family – a really great day out.

PEG Farm and Nature Reserve is a sanctuary where people can come and be inspired by a creative cultural experience focused on environmental consciousness, regenerative agriculture and holistic lifestyle practices.  These important activities are supported by a beautiful polyculture farmscape.  PEG Farm provides a really unique setting where you can be vitalized by nutritious food, restored by educational offerings, healed by the spirit of the land and through various wellness programs.

Started by Paul Bourne in 2013, PEG’s location at Easy Hall Plantation, St. Joseph is a really special place.  A total of 108 acres and 1,000 feet above sea level, it is some of the highest ground in Barbados.  Running for a quarter mile along the edge of the land is Hackleton’s Cliff; Barbados’ highest cliff edge, giving fabulous views over the entire East and South coast.  These fantastic views will take your breath away, while you savor healthy local juices and enjoy a fascinating two-hour walking tour, led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable local guides.

PEG Farm is striving to integrate four main principles of agriculture:

Biodynamics | Broad acre permaculture | Free range animal husbandry |Holistic management

These important principles revolve around creating a healthy, balanced farm that can sustain itself without any outside input.  It’s holistic, ecological and ethical.  The tour includes learning about these cutting edge farming principles, traditional uses of native Bajan plants in the medicinal garden; seeing free range animals such as cows, chickens and pigs, and finding out how PEG are creating a more sustainable Barbados!  This is important not just for Barbados but for the entire planet.  Eco tours and ecotourism are more and more popular, and rightly so.  Barbados will not be left behind, care and compassion for the environment is high on the list.  It’s a great day out for all the family, so come along and support PEG.  It’s wonderful to see the livestock in their natural habitat and they seem to enjoy visitors!

You can take away some lovely fresh produce, available to purchase – gorgeous fresh eggs for breakfast.

This amazing location and scenery makes this a perfect location for weddings, retreats and special events so do contact PEG Farm by email or give them a call on 1 (246) 4339806, to find out more.  Or take a look at their facebook page for the latest information and videos.  Make sure you include an eco tour when planning your Barbados holiday.  If you’re a nature lover, remember to contact Paradise Rentals; we have some perfectly placed accommodation options where you can really immerse yourself in the best of Barbados’ wildlife – don’t miss the beautiful birds, the red footed tortoises and the playful green monkeys who visit many villa gardens daily.  They offer fabulous photo opportunities, always willing to pose!