Holiday Horse Riding

Posted on February 6, 2017
In category Things to do in Barbados

Saddle up and enjoy some holiday horse riding on the wild side of Barbados! What could be better than exploring the beach on horse-back with your family and friends. Or maybe with that special someone, for a romantic wander or a gallop through the foaming white surf as it laps the shore, with the wind blowing through your hair.

You can enjoy fantastic views while on horseback, it’s a great way to see the island; maybe taking a trek down to Bath Beach and back, at a leisurely pace, perfect for the novice rider. You can experience miles of great action in the saddle with the wonderful Barbados Atlantic Ocean breeze to cool you down. Riders are likely to spot mongoose or green monkeys along the way as we trek through lush vegetation on down to Bath Beach.

For the more experienced riders, we can take you underneath the imposing Hackleton’s Cliff which rises 1100 feet above sea level. There are breath taking panoramic views to be enjoyed all along this tour which allows you to experience the wilderness of the natural and rugged East Coast of Barbados.

If you enjoy a challenging ride and are comfortable on horseback for longer periods of time at varied paces, then we can mount you on fine endurance horses, to visit Bath Beach and Codrington College. We will meander through the old cart roads to Conset Bay, a fishing village nestled deep in the east coast countryside of Barbados. This ride will take three hours.

If you’d like and extra hour of relaxation and some food and refreshments, you can add the popular picnic option to the end of your trek. A delicious picnic can be specially prepared for you down at Bath Beach. You can relax with a bottle of wine and some local Bajan cooking when you return from your ride. It’s just the thing when you’ve worked up an appetite. The horse rider’s menu will include local favourites such as roast breadfruit, fish cakes and home-made juices

For a really magical adventure why not try a moonlight ride. There’s something very special about riding by the light of the full moon. This is a memorable ride for the adventurous looking for an exceptional riding experience under the moonlit, starlit skies of Barbados. Be ready for an unmatched experience of tropical wild life; fire flies and fruit bats.

If you want to try something different or need an equestrian ‘fix’ while on holiday, get off your sun bed and come along and see what’s on offer.

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