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Posted on May 16, 2017
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Join us for Barbados holiday yoga.  The perfect opportunity to enhance and maintain your practice or to try something new – Yoga in a beautiful space and in a convenient west coast location, close to Holetown.  You’ll find Sunshine Kula Studio welcomes you with a smiling heart and dedication to all. Pamela opened the studio in September 2011 after years of experience teaching Yoga around the island to locals and visitors. It’s a sanctuary in the trees, near the sea and the spacious, airy room is open to nature.

The studio is suitable for visitors from beginner level to advanced, for gentle or active classes. All equipment is available and you can drop in for an individual class or pay for a class pack. Or why not plan a yoga holiday and do classes morning and evening! For great accommodation options, close to the studio, contact Paradise Rentals.

Our professional yoga teachers will be happy to share a variety of styles of yoga and they pay special attention to each individual. This is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable whether trying something totally new, maintaining your regular yoga practice, or seeking a deeper experience of you! What better time to soak in the joys of yoga, to enhance your holiday, and go home feeling your absolute best.

Pamela grew up in Barbados and started yoga with her mother as a child. It took a deep hold and stayed with her until many years later, when Pamela began teaching yoga part time along with her initial career of school teaching. Pamela trained as a Reflexologist and Yoga Instructor with two main schools of Yoga, Anusara and Integrative Yoga Therapy. The former being a stronger dynamic practice which pays attention to an elegant system of alignment without foregoing an attitude of softness, even in active sequencing, that enlivens and opens the body mind and heart to celebrate life more fully. The later is more based around Yoga for wellness, is gentler and allows plenty of space for therapeutic healing at all levels. Pamela continued these studies to advanced level, recognising the importance of calming, de-stressing and restoring in our modern day busy lives. Together, these practices with emphasis on biomechanics, awareness, and moving with the breath, bring more harmony to our lives. Yoga is a deep practice including stillness, breath and meditation but is also fun and inspirational and Pamela endeavors to teach creative, uplifting classes so that you can encounter yourself, recognise the inherent goodness within and feel healthy and happy as you clear and come into greater unity.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact:
Pamela Harris
Certified Anusara Inspired Instructor
IYT Advanced Yoga Therapist
1 (246) 231-4468